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Video: 4 Killer Bow Cases For The Traveling Bowhunter

<p>I worked at FedEx in Memphis, TN for a few years while I was finishing up college and getting married. It was a tough job, no doubt. I spent most of my shift lifting and shoving boxes to load containers that we’d later load to the planes. I quickly saw that macho-man games of chunkin’ the biggest boxes to come down the line seemed to help pass the time. The biggest [...]

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5 Reasons Why You Need This Rangefinder

Long-range shooting has surged in popularity in recent years, thanks in-part to technological advancements in rangefinding units that have taken some of the mystery work out of hitting targets at extreme distances.  Laser rangefinders, ballistic software, DOPE cards and wind metering devices have revolutionized the way shooters address long-range shooting problems.  The KILO [...]


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7 Post Season Scouting Tips for Trophy Deer Hunting

The hunt for big whitetails is never over. Hunting trophy whitetails is an endless journey that never truly ends. It’s all a part of the experience. And for the practical hunter, the work put in will equal the reward that comes out. Now is the time to put in that work. Here is a seven-step plan to kill a giant whitetail next season.1. Bedding AreasBedding areas can be easy to [...]

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Camp Chef at SHOT Show: Elk Venison Slider Burgers Recipe

Have a freezer full of ground elk venison from your fall hunting trips? Never fear, the folks at Camp Chef have a great SHOT Show recipe that is lean and mean, easy to prepare, and a crowd-pleasing favorite!Tasty wild game dishes don’t have to be difficult to prepare as this Camp Chef Elk Slider Burger Recipe proves. (Lynn Burkhead photo)Serves: VariablePrep time: 1 [...]

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