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7 Times Poachers Stupidly Incriminated Themselves on Social Media

These poachers were all busted via social media.We can debate the pros and cons of social media until the cows come home. But one thing for sure is that it sure makes things easier for law enforcement.Poachers make all sorts of poor life decisions when they decide to steal the natural resources we all share. But, some of them have made the incredibly dumb de [...]

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5 Reasons You’re Not Arrowing Turkeys

Bowhunting turkeys can be a difficult task for many reasons. For starters, these are creatures that see absolutely everything, meaning you’ve got to be exceptionally careful of any movement — even if you’re covered up in a ground blind. Maybe even more importantly, there simply isn’t much of a kill zone to aim at.(All photos courtesy of Dream Chasers)The following [...]

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Be Adaptive Equipment Helps Disabled Hunters Return to the Field

We recently came across a company that is doing great things for people that have found themselves in some tough situations in life. Be Adaptive Equipment started simply out of a desire to help someone that was struggling with their physical limitations in life following an accident. They didn’t set out to start a business. Their mission was to meet the needs of others. And w [...]

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Grizzly Hunting Possible in Idaho. Some Are Trying to Stop It.

With the grizzly bear population in Eastern Idaho removed from federal protection, a proposal has been set forth to offer one tag for a grizzly bear for the fall 2018 season.The bear would be the first allowed for hunting in Idaho since grizzlies received federal protection under the endangered species act in 1975.“It’s a great success story that grizzly bears have recovere [...]

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Nate Hosie’s 5 Turkey Hunting Tactics for Educated Birds

Your Turkey Hunting Should Focus on RealismWhen it comes to hunting turkeys that have been pressured and educated, Nate Hosie, host of HeadHunters TV and a Realtree pro staffer, has one overriding strategy: Realism.Realtree pro staffer Nate Hosie. © Bill Konway photoBorn and raised in the mountains of Pennsylvania, Hosie started hunting with his father and grandfather. Th [...]

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5 Deer Hunters Who Tick Everyone Off

Do You Know These Hunters?(Ryan Orndorff illustration)Deer hunters, as a whole, are some of the finest people you’ll ever meet. They are passionate about the game they pursue and truly care about the natural resources that support their outdoor endeavors. When deer hunters get together, whether they’ve known each other 10 years or 10 minutes, good times are had and conversa [...]

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