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These 6 Shed Hunting Mistakes Might Explain Why You Never Find Anything

Here are a few things to avoid while shed hunting.Searching for fallen antlers is a fun, but a challenging way to spend time outdoors during the spring after deer season. Every year I hear people say, “I just can’t find any!”So, why do so many people struggle to find shed antlers? There are a variety of reasons, most of which are nothing more than bad habits. By elim [...]

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Montana: 3 men Plead Guilty to Illegal Hunting of Bull Bison

Three men have pleaded guilty to the illegal hunting and wasting of bull bison north of Yellowstone Park.The Bozeman Daily Chronicle reports that Jesse Darr, Ryley Heidt and Peyton Simmons, all of Park County, were sentenced in justice court Tuesday for unlawful possession.Each was ordered to pay fines and charges totaling $ 2,605 and each will lose hunting and fishing privileg [...]

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DNR Announces First State Elk Hunt In Northern Wisconsin This Fall

After 20-Year Reintroduction To Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, Herd Has Grown To Nearly 200 AnimalsAfter a 20-year reintroduction effort in northern Wisconsin, the state Department of Natural Resources will hold the state’s first ever elk hunt near Clam Lake this fall.Elk were first reintroduced in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest in 1995 when 25 animals were bro [...]

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Video: Guy is Lucky He Wasn’t Severely Hurt by this Compound Bow Explosion

This was seriously a close call!Because you’re reading this article, we’ll go ahead and assume you’ve pulled a bow back once or twice in your life.So, we’re all familiar with the power a compound bow holds at full draw, right? And you’ve probably seen the nightmare videos of some bows exploding because of dry-fire, but this video has us stumped. (Be sure to turn [...]

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CWD Causes Death Rate Three Times Faster Than Normal

Research finally shows the real toll of CWD.For deer hunters and other wildlife fanatics, few topics have been as prevalent as chronic wasting disease. CWD is a neurological disease that can be found in deer, elk, and moose. Once infected, an animal’s brain begins to deteriorate, causing emaciation, abnormal behavior, loss of bodily functions and eventually death. U [...]

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Luke Bryan Gets Pranked with a Sewer Rat in the Hunting Blind and It Gets Bloody

Hunting buddies who slip a live rat in your bag don’t seem like buddies at all. Just ask Luke.Luke Bryan is as big of celebrity as they come. But even he isn’t safe from hunting buddies who try to pull a prank any chance they get.Luke and his cameraman headed out to the blind, and Luke had one thing on his mind: killing a big buck. Well, his hunting buddies had a different [...]

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