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Colorado Woman Places 1st In World For Elk Calling

NORTHGLENN, Colo. (CBS4)– A Northglenn woman is making waves in the hunting world after claiming a first place victory in the voice division at the World Elk Calling Championships.The competition, presented by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, had a record number of competitors this year. While Colorado claimed several titles, Hannah Holiday, 27, was [...]

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Troubleshooting Troublesome Toms

If you haven’t had a tom hang up on you, then you either haven’t turkey hunted enough or you have the keys to a top-notch turkey-hunting property. Last season my daughter and I were on our third spring hunt of the season. A distant, sunrise gobble spurred us to close the distance. When we felt like we were in the brushy neighborhood, we slipped to the edge of an opening, st [...]

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The Reason for the Hunt: Triple Amputee Combat Veteran Bowhunts Big Deer

Follow along in episode No. 5 of The Reason for the Hunt as triple-amputee combat veteran Sgt. J.D. Williams bowhunts big whitetails in Kentucky. See how he still enjoys the great outdoors. Are you a deer hunter wanting to learn how to accomplish your goals? Check out our stories, videos and hard-hitting how-to's on deer hunting. Deer Hunting Videos | Realtree [...]

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How to Roost Turkeys Like a Pro

Turkeys fly down and up to roost each day – this much you can count on. But you can learn much more from roosting turkeys than simply where to begin the next morning. Fine-tune the details and your odds of killing a gobbler skyrocket.Hunting in the morning can put a strutter in range, right after they wing to the ground. If legal, being there when spring flocks return to roos [...]

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How To Mount A Tactacam To Your Bow

Over the last several years Tactacam has come out of nowhere to become the premiere weapon-mounted camera for those looking to quickly and easily capture their hunts on film.  The simple one-touch record function and up to 7x zoom lens makes the Tactacam not only easy to use, but allows the hunter to actually see what they were shooting at after the hunt is over.Of course [...]

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Best New Ground Blinds Just in Time for Turkey Season

It’s possible to arrow a tom without a blind during the spring season, but for most bowhunters the only way to go is with a well-placed hub-style blind. If you want to be able to scratch your nose, take a sip of coffee, and ride out a long day in one turkey spot — hub-style blinds are the answer. Ditto for anyone hunting with kids, or who wants to capture their gobbler-skew [...]

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