Be Adaptive Equipment Helps Disabled Hunters Return to the Field

We recently came across a company that is doing great things for people that have found themselves in some tough situations in life. Be Adaptive Equipment started simply out of a desire to help someone that was struggling with their physical limitations in life following an accident. They didn’t set out to start a business. Their mission was to meet the needs of others. And while their efforts ultimately turned their work into a business, their mission is still the same, to meet the needs of disabled men, women and children.

Be Adaptive Equipment Helps Disabled Hunters Return to the Field

Disabled hunters are returning to the field once again thanks to the work of Be Adaptive Equipment.

Be Adaptive Equipment is committed to producing the highest quality adaptive hunting, shooting and fishing equipment for all disabled outdoorsmen. Their goal is to help physically challenged people get back into doing the activities they love like hunting, shooting, fishing, archery, photography, and ATV’s. The company designs and manufactures activity trays, shooting rests for rifles, shotguns, pistols, crossbows, and compound bows, adaptive fishing equipment, hand controls and lifts for ATV’s & much more. And if they don’t currently offer the equipment you need, they will custom build whatever you need to get you in the game.

What Be Adaptive Equipment Offers

Be Adaptive Equipment Model HQ100 – A high quad unit designed for use by physically challenged hunters with no arm or hand use.

Be Adaptive Equipment Model HQPM – A pistol mount that installs into the Model HQ100 in just seconds. Plug in the trigger mechanism which is included in the pistol mount to your existing controls and you are ready to shoot a wide variety of pistols, including auto loaders and double action revolvers, or any long gun with a pistol grip. If you have guns that you had to cut off for a different style of gun mount they can now be used with the pistol mount set up.

Be Adaptive Equipment Model LM100 –  A limited mobility unit designed for use by people with limited hand or arm movement or paraplegics that cannot hold a gun up. This mount makes the weapon feel weightless.

Be Adaptive Equipment Model CB100 – Allows limited mobility individuals to shoot a standard compound bow allowing the user to pivot the bow up and down and left and right. (A Draw-Loc or similar product, which is not included, is required to use this mount.)

Hats off to the fine folks at Be Adaptive Equipment for their commitment to helping disabled men, women, boys and girls enjoy the finer things in life, despite their current diagnosis or physical limitations. In a culture that tends to look out for self more than others, it’s refreshing to see good people doing great things for those in need.

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