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5 Factors For Success With A Traditional Bow

Those who grew up with compounds and releases think there’s voodoo involved while shooting fingers and without sights and let-off. They believe this because they can’t imagine shooting without mechanical crutches. Shooting traditional bows well is more difficult because it’s difficult for most to let go of those crutches, but also simpler because of the […]

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What Are the Best Vanes For Hunting?

Years ago, choosing a vane was simple. You had target vanes and you had hunting vanes, with the latter being a mid-height, four or five-inch offering. Fairly large and stable hunting vanes were mandatory, since we pretty much all shot large to medium-sized, fixed-blade broadheads back then. The perfect hunting vane is difficult to quantify. […]

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Walk Back Tuning Your Bow

As I write this I am knee deep in testing a few different products in the hopes they will help me fill my whitetail tags this fall. Most recently, I dove into a few different broadheads for an upcoming big-game hunt. In the midst of the testing I realized two important procedures that I had […]

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Launching the Perfect Bow Release

Launching the Perfect Bow Release This simple approach to shooting form will improve accuracy, consistency, and fix problems you may not even know you have! by Rob Reaser Let us start this conversation by stating the obvious: there is no single, magic bullet to improving bow-shooting accuracy. As any experienced bowhunter will tell you, many […]

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