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5 Ways to Kill Your Deer Hunt

This isn’t your typical how-to article for bowhunting success. You won’t find any major tips on how to seal the deal or get it done. In fact, you’ll find quite the opposite. Because more often than we’re successful in our hunts, we blow it.Making mistakes is part of the game. Screw-ups are going to happen, […]

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Can You Over Hunt A Stand Site?

You run into few whitetail hunters that aren’t tracking their bucks like police monitor a convict on bail adorned with a GPS ankle bracelet. Most avid hunters manage four or more trail cameras across hunting properties. Zealots may have a dozen or more cameras posted across several counties. It only takes one camera to disclose […]

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8 Tips to Shoot a Buck on Opening Day

The month of September means archery deer seasons are opening across North America. From September 1 until the end of the month, new seasons are coming in every week. But a surprisingly few hunters take advantage of these early hunting opportunities. If you are one that has been missing out, consider this your wake up […]

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8 Major Differences Between Whitetails and Mule Deer

Which One Do You Prefer to Hunt? Do you prefer to hunt whitetails or mulies? (Shutterstock/Cray Hennessy/Rick Falser photo)Hunters have been chasing whitetails and mule deer for thousands of years. Each species offers a very unique adventure that outdoorsmen cherish. Some just hunt one or the other. Others have hunted and continue to hunt both. The two species of […]

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