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5 Reasons You’re Not Arrowing Turkeys

Bowhunting turkeys can be a difficult task for many reasons. For starters, these are creatures that see absolutely everything, meaning you’ve got to be exceptionally careful of any movement — even if you’re covered up in a ground blind. Maybe even more importantly, there simply isn’t much of a kill zone to aim at.(All photos courtesy […]

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10 Bowhunting Sins

Don’t Let These Bowhunting Mistakes Ruin Your HuntYour best chance of success in the whitetail woods is often on opening day. (C.J. Davis photo)Bowhunting is never easy. Animal behavior, hunting pressure, food and water supply, and weather can all change on a dime and make things tough. But nothing is more frustrating than letting things […]

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Troubleshooting Troublesome Toms

If you haven’t had a tom hang up on you, then you either haven’t turkey hunted enough or you have the keys to a top-notch turkey-hunting property. Last season my daughter and I were on our third spring hunt of the season. A distant, sunrise gobble spurred us to close the distance. When we felt […]

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How to Roost Turkeys Like a Pro

Turkeys fly down and up to roost each day – this much you can count on. But you can learn much more from roosting turkeys than simply where to begin the next morning. Fine-tune the details and your odds of killing a gobbler skyrocket.Hunting in the morning can put a strutter in range, right after […]

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What is a Turkey Snood?

The turkey snood is likely one of the most mysterious hood ornaments of any critter on earth. It’s a goofy little thing that most hunters fail to consider any more than a facial feature of the turkey. But why does a snood do what a snood does? It’s the million dollar question when it comes […]

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