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Elk Venison Hungarian Goulash Recipe

For how easy this recipe is to make, you’ll be amazed by how flavorful this elk venison Hungarian goulash tastesServe this Elk Venison Hungarian Goulash Recipe over homemade noodles. (Jenny Nguyen-Wheatley photo).You can’t use regular paprika in this elk venison goulash recipe, which doesn’t have much flavor – Hungarian paprika is a must. I love […]

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Grilled Venison Backstrap Recipe

Venison backstrap cooking on a charcoal grill.Take the best part of a deer and the best part of a pig and what do you get? Grilled venison backstrap, twice-marinated and wrapped in baconBy: Eric ConnThese venison medallions might take a long time to marinate but are completely worth the wait. There is nothing better than […]

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How to Cook Venison Rocky Mountain Oysters

The Cast-Iron ChefI’ve never eaten rocky mountain oysters, nor made them in my kitchen. But inspiration came after tagging my first whitetail in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. If you’ve never tried the dangly woodland berries yourself, man are you missing out. Some may squirm in their chairs, cross their legs, and cringe, but truly […]

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Recipe: Ginger Vension

Some years ago, my son and I each scored on two old muley bucks. It was during the rut, and the deer had a peculiar, typical offensive odor. Normally, I make stew or chili out of “gamey” venison, but sometimes that doesn’t work. A family member who lived in Hawaii for several years suggested I try […]

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How to Make the Perfect Christmas Goose

Few things are as iconic as a Christmas goose, but when it comes to translating that beloved holiday tradition into the wild world, many hunters throw up their hands and give up. Geese are tough, they say. Livery, smelly, and hard to clean. Sky carp.All of this can be true, but it still shouldn’t stop […]

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Slow Cooker Venison Queso Dip Recipe

Enjoy this venison queso dip recipe right out of the slow cooker for warm, cheesy goodness in every biteThis Slow Cooker Venison Queso Dip Recipe is great served with tortilla chips. You can also use it to top off loaded nachos or spice up homemade macaroni and cheese.Serve your party guests what they really want […]

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Venison Hunter’s Pie Recipe

Ground venison, mashed potatoes, gravy, cheddar cheese and veggies baked into a meat pie fit for a hunter. (Photo courtesy of Jenny Nguyen-Wheatley)Easy-to-make and great as leftovers, this Venison Hunter’s Pie Recipe is a complete meal in every sliceYou may recognize this recipe as shepherd’s pie, but we won’t call it that. This dish is […]

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