How to Locate Center Shot on your Compound Bow

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Posted on : November 5, 2015
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This year why not deep fry your bird. Learn how to make the ultimate Thanksgiving Turkey: Amazing Archery Accessories Junior Compound Bow Archery Set: Recurve Bow: Fletched Fiberglass Arrows: “The Bone Collector” Archery Target: Suede Shooting Glove: William Tell – The Roosevelt Bears Art Print: Watch more Archery & Bow Hunting 101 videos: Alright, locating the center shot on a compound bow is only one of several things that you have to do to set a bow up properly. The first thing that we do once we have the arrow rest on the bow is set up nocking point, which is actually where the arrow makes contact with the string. It’s the height that’s the most important thing. It’s usually said that a nocking point should be set so that the arrow is sitting one eighth of an inch over perpendicular. The nocking point is the first thing that you set up. Then once you set up the nocking point, you set up the center shot which is the arrow being in the center of the power stroke of the string. The power stroke of the string is the string travel from full draw to its rest. The string travels in a straight line. You want the arrow to be in front of the string at all times, so you have to set the arrow up off the bow to where the arrow is aligned with the string, and that’s the center shot. The center shot is usually done by aligning the string with the center of the bow. The center of the bow, the center of the limbs, the center of the riser, then that’s where the arrow should be aligned up with, the center of the bow. Especially on a compound bow because when you’re using a compound bow, you’re usually using it with a triggering device. When the triggering device releases the string, the string follows in a true alignment. It doesn’t fluctuate back and forth and it pushes the arrow out perfectly straight in front of the string. Basically, that’s how you get the power of the bow. There’s no energy lost as the arrow passes the bow. So, center shot and knocking point are the two most important adjustments or settings that you should have to do before you start actually doing anything else.

How to Locate Center Shot on Your Compound Bow

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